Partner of your quality approach, Hospitec supports you in the regulatory controls of your welders (heat sealers)

The different stages of a welder inspection

On-site control

Test of the following points:

  • programmed sealing temperature
  • programmed sealing pressure
  • welding width > 6mm
  • absence of grooves, folds, chimneys
  • seal intact over the entire width and length of the weld
  • no delamination or separation of materials when opening the bags
  • no bursting of bags during the sterilisation cycle

Control in the measurement laboratory

In the days following the on-site inspection, we carry out pull-out resistance tests in our measurement laboratory on:

  • 5 sterilised welds
  • 5 unsterilised welds

We thus measure the following data:

  • Minimum strain
  • Maximum strain
  • Medium strain

The ISO11607 standard imposes an average strain value greater than 1.5N

Example of data collected on a resistance test

This report contains, among other things:

  • A notice of compliance according to the standards
  • A comparison between the indications of the welder and our measuring instruments
  • Follow-up with comparison of the results of previous tests
  • A relevant opinion possibly proposing corrective measures
  • A detailed conclusion of the entire inspection