As a partner in your quality approach, Hospitec assists you in the regulatory controls of your washer-disinfectors

Thermometric tests

The main phases of the cycle, washing and disinfection, are carefully analysed and compared with the standards

Cleaning efficiency tests

We evaluate the effectiveness of the cleaning by physical-chemical tests.
To complete the visual verification of the absence of dirt residue, we use ninhydrin to look for any trace of protein residue on the tests

Volumetric control

We accurately check the volumes of the various products used during a cycle in order to optimise their use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the department’s specifications


All our measuring instruments are regularly checked and calibrated with a link to national standards (LNE and COFRAC).

A calibration certificate for the instruments used is attached to the report.

All our checks come with a clear report on your washer-disinfector.

This report contains, among other things

  • A notice of conformity according to the standards
  • A comparison between the indications of the washer-disinfector and our measuring instruments
  • A follow-up with a comparison of the results of previous controls
  • A relevant opinion with possible corrective measures
  • A detailed conclusion of the entire inspection